Visits to the farmstead
In the land of rice and farming tradition.

Among the rice farms in the Bassa Novarese, Cascina Grampa of Riso Testa is special and different as here an ancient mechanized hydraulic system has been recovered and actived for the procuction.

The machinery is driven by an old water mill that since the 1600s until the second half of the 1800s was the only type of plant used for rice cleaning.

At CASCINA GRAMPA today you can see an old machine, by now disappeared in Italy or existing only for demonstrative purposes.

You stay hypnotized by the movement of the big wheel, pushed by the waters of the Crosa Canal, and by the old ingenious gears that operate, at the same time, the millstone (“la molazza”), the stone rice mortar (“la pista da riso”) – to remove the husk from the grains – and the helixmachine for rice whitening

This super green and traditional system, even not very different from the more modern ones, will be gradually adopted by Riso Testa for all his rice.

A perfect example to show how craft and tradition can coexist with modernity and new technoligies.

The old stables too can be visited as well as the spartan dormitory of the mondines. Mondine (rice weeders), the women who cleaned the rice fields.

RisoTesta welcomes group visits by appointment.
Possibility of organizing exhibitions and private events.
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