From the fields to our tables.

In the fruitful Rice fields around CASCINA GRAMPA  the different varieties of our rice Apollo Baldo and Carnaroli are grown.

Thanks to the homogeneity of the soil, to  the plenty of water and to the microclimate, every variety of our rice presents a special uniformity of colour dimension and texture of the grains.

The whole production chain, from the choice of the seeds up to the drying and the storage process, is carefully followed by the producer with particular artisan care.

Only the phases of husking and packaging are committed to small firms operating in the surroundings, but always under the strict control of RISO TESTA .

The result of these activities is a very good and reliable production very appreciated by chef and experts.

Our rice varieties: the ABC of our rice

In Italy many varieties of rice are grown. Riso Testa has chosen to concentrate its attention on Apollo, white and wholemeal, Baldo and Carnaroli produced in the Classic and Riserva versions.

as Apollo

Apollo, obtained from the crossing between an asian rice and an italian one without use of GMO and after a long selection carried out by the Centro Ricerche SA. PI.SE of Vercelli, represents…..

as Baldo

The original Baldo (classic) is a very fine rice  coming from the crossing between Arborio and Stripe 136.
Not very famous outside its production areas, predominantly…..

as Carnaroli

Carnaroli classic is a rice produced from 1945 and was obtained crossing Vialone and Leoncino from which it has inherited the great dimension of the grain.  It is a very famous rice……